Unprecedented Neuro Assessment for Understanding Brain Health

Neuro Assessment Systems (NAS), an early-stage, neuro-technology company, has developed advanced brain recording technology to transform CNS assessment.

Our proprietary NeuroScreen™ system uses advanced analysis algorithms to assess changes in central nervous system (CNS) function, providing an objective and brain-based view of multiple brain health issues that were previously undetectable.

Optimized for monitoring individual differences, the system employs non-invasive EEG to record spontaneous electrical activity of the brain and electrical brain activity associated with sensory and cognitive stimuli (known as event related potentials, or ERPs).

NeuroScreen is a neuro assessment tool that can be used by physicians for concussion assessment and to aid the diagnosis of other CNS disorders. Pharmaceutical companies use NeuroScreen during clinical trials to predict outcome behavior and to provide a biomarker of CNS effects.


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